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Visit Aquarius Resorts at Boquerón Beach Resort, at the Pearl of the West, and enjoy the experience, adventures and comfort in this great resort located in Cabo Rojo.


Caribbean Experience

A Caribbean and tropical experience awaits you at Aquarius Resorts at Boquerón Beach Resort, located on PR-101 highway in Cabo Rojo, Aquarius offers you a modern, cozy, and spacious space to enjoy the gastronomy of the Poblado de Boquerón, a lot of entertainment and beautiful beaches.

Enjoy the Journey to our Resort

You will enjoy a lot of beautiful views of Puerto Rico in your journey to our resort.  Aquarius Resorts at Boquerón Beach Resort is easily accessed PR-2 state road to Mayagüez and then through PR-100 and PR-101, about 75 miles from San Juan.

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